Al-Shabaab Sympathizers Release Fifth Issue of Propaganda Magazine “Gaidi Mtaani”

9 December 2014 – Supporters of al-Shabaab and its local ally in Kenya al-Hijra recently released the fifth installment of its propaganda magazine “Gaidi Mtaani” (generally translated as “Street Terrorism).

The “Special Edition” issue — entitled “Muslims of Mombasa and Bangui: a Tale of Tragedy” is largely a transcript of the last significant public address made by former al-Shabaab leader Ahmed Abdi Godane, who was killed in US airstrikes in September 2014.

For an analysis of Godane’s statement, check out a piece published at the time of its release here.

You can download the issue by clicking on the image.

gaidi mtaani5

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  1. I read thru the Gaidi Mtaani Special Issue and was appalled that the Sheikh said “take refuge in your weapon” rather than in Allah (s.w.t.)

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