Around the Horn: Somalia Election Talk And More

SOMALI LEADERS IN KISMAYO TO NEGOTIATE 2016 ELECTION FORMAT: The president and regional leaders will negotiate whether the next parliament will be chosen using the 4.5 clan formula, a new clan sharing system formulated at the district level, or other options. In reality, leaders are not debating whether there should be a clan-based system or not — but over which clan-based system to use. Galmudug’s president hinted a compromise could be in the works. But, a complicated consensus could be difficult to implement, putting more obstacles in front of a 2016 election for a new parliament and president. [READ MORE]

Last state formation conference opens in Jowhar
But Hawadle clan elders refuse to attend, due to a dispute with Somalia’s President 

Al-Shabaab fighters were paid Sh10,000 ‘monthly stipend’, according to U.S. court documents
ISIS in Libya Makes Open Threat Against Al-Shabaab


♣ Ex-Shabaab Jihadist in U.S. for Terror Trial
♣ Al-Shabaab Releases “Donald Trump” Video

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