Interim Jubba Administration Names New Cabinet

After reaching a deal with the Somali government in Ethiopia over the contentious “Jubaland issue,” Sheikh Ahmed Madobe’s Interim Jubba Administration has named a new cabinet to assist in governing duties.

It includes a second vice president and eight ministers, including:

1. Deputy Vice President – Suldan Abdulkadir Mohamed “Lugadheere”

2. Minister for Commerce and Industrialization – Ahmed Abdihafid Mohamed

3. Minister of Agriculture, Livestock, and Fisheries – Prof. Mohamed Adan Jamaa

4. Minister of Social Services Affairs – Mohamed Ibrahim Mohamud

5. Minister of Health -Hassan Dahir Yarow

6. Minister of Planning and International Relations -Mohamed Nur Iftin “Shamabara”

7. Minister of Internal Affairs and Security – Mohamed Warsame Farah “Darwish”

8. Minister of  Finance – Mohamed Sheikh Yussuf Omar

9. Minister of Minerals, Water, and the Environment – Abdinur Ali Adan

IJA cabinet

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  1. They also surprisenly named a governer for jubba state bank, appeasing all clans I guess ? Ahmed The Appeaser Madoobe

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