UN Special Representative for Somalia on the PM’s Departure

kayMogadishu, 2 December 2013 – UN Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Somalia Nicholas Kay paid tribute today to Somalia’s outgoing Prime Minister, Abdi Farah Shirdon Saaid, and noted the responsible role played by the Federal Parliament and the Speaker Mohamed Osman Jawari in handling the “no confidence” motion.

“It was important this unprecedented piece of parliamentary business was managed in accordance with the provisional constitution and the rules of procedure of the Parliament,” he said.

“Somalia’s institutions are coming of age. The UN is here to support their development, and looks forward to working constructively with the new administration. Outgoing Prime Minister Shirdon had worked hard to promote growth and progress and played an important part in creating the New Deal Compact between international partners and Somalia.”

SRSG Kay further noted the urgency of nominating and appointing a new Prime Minister as quickly as possible to maintain political and state-building progress in Somalia. “I hope the President will consult widely before choosing. It is in all our interests that the next PM and government is broadly inclusive, able to unite the country and capable of delivering what Somalia needs – peace, rule of law, economic growth and good public services.”

He also urged the Federal Parliament to make a supreme effort in the public interest to make progress on the many law-making and other constitutional tasks that the country urgently needs.

“Over the coming years, it is important that Parliament, Government and the Presidency continue to work constructively together in full respect for the Provisional Federal Constitution,” SRSG Kay noted.

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