Puntland Government Blames and Condemns al-Shabaab for Bosaso Bombing

5 December 2013

Puntland Government strongly condemns today’s terrorist attack near Masjid Rowda in the port city of Bossaso.

A suicide car bomber targeted Puntland government forces. Preliminary information indicates that seven persons – three soldiers and four civilians – were killed in this heinous terrorist attack.

A total of 37 persons – six soldiers and 31 civilians – were also wounded. The terrorist attacker intentionally exploded near a busy intersection at a denselypopulated marketplace area around 11:05 A.M. in the morning.

Puntland Government shares its sincere condolences with the families of the deceased and prays for the wellbeing of wounded persons. The Government praisesthe quick and professional action of Puntland security forces, medical personnel and the public to respond to this emergency.

Al Shabaab terrorist group has carried out savage attacks against government and civilian targets in Puntland and this destructive group is committed to carrying out acts of senseless violence, extremism and terrorism to achieve their evil goal. Two years ago today, on December 5, 2011, Al Shabaab terrorists assassinated renowned Islamic scholar and man of peace – the late Sheikh Dr. Ahmed Haji Abdirahman in Bossaso – testimony that Al Shabaab is fighting against Islamic religion and against peace.

The people and Government of Puntland stand united in solidarity to condemn all forms of terrorism and to strongly support peace, security and development. Terrorist tactics will not weaken nor discourage Puntland’s resolve to strengthen peace, security and justice towards a prosperous future.

Puntland Government is committed to defending the constitution, security, political stability, economic progress, and rule of law.

— END —

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