Statement by ex-Shabaab ally “Atom” on his Surrender to the Somali government

Statement by ex-Shabaab ally Mohamed Sheikh “Atom” on his Surrender to the Somali government

7 June 2014

I, Sheikh Mohamed Said Mohamed (Atom), I have important news for the people of Somalia. 

I have been tolerating the misleading of Ahmed Abdi Godane and his group towards the Sharia of Islam and Muslims.

I have today decided to leave Al-Shabaab for many reasons such as:

1. Youths were told that they are fighting to strengthen the Sharia of Islam, and they sentence people, however, Ahmed Godane and his cohorts don’t abide by the Sharia and no one can sentence them for it.

2. They deliberately kill Somali people who are muslims, and they kill them in markets, on roads and in Mosques.

3. They kill Muslims Ulumas and important people that they disagree with something, and they kill them, even when they are praying in the Mosques.

4. Jihad is for Allah, and it is something that is required for all Muslims while they are in unity. Ahmed Abdi proclaims that Jihad is something that belongs to him, therefore, he orders to kill, maim, detain, humiliate in the name of Jihad; until the rest are forced to flee.

5. They have no regard to general public who are in grave difficulties; such as displaced people whom they starve by blocking the relief assistance from generous Muslims and non-Muslims.

I would like to inform the members of Alshabab that by abandoning Al-Shabaab doctrine is NOT equivalent of apostasy, and those who criticize their actions and tactics, doesn’t mean that they criticize the Shariah and the religion in general. Islam is compassionate religion and it is for all.

Muslims can disagree on issues, but Allah mercifully asked them to refer to the Quran and settle with no violence. Ahmed and his cohorts have no aspiration to do just that. Thus, I have my suspicion that they are working for a foreign agenda.

Finally, I would like to declare that as of today I have chosen to resolve my religious and political persuasion through peaceful means and understanding; thus, decided to reject violence and coercion. I have entered a dialogue and settled some


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