Constitutional Delegate Murdered in Mogadishu after al-Shabaab Threat

According to emerging reports, an armed group in Mogadishu targeted and killed an elder that was working as part of the National Constituent Assembly (NCA)–which recently ratified the draft version of the country’s constitution.

An elder by the name of Baliil, a member of the Sa’ad clan and the District Commissioner of Xamar Jadiid district, was shot by al-Shabaab gunmen as he was on his way to his home in the district.

Al-Shabaab Threats

Al-Shabaab through its Twitter account and over its media outlet Radio Andalus recently stated that the group would execute any and all Somalis involved in implementing the “un-Islamic” new constitution, and this attack fits into this threat.

Organized Killings

Pro-al-Shabaab website AmiirNuur reported that the militant group has been following government officials and individuals working with the NCA like Baliil during the day and organizing the killing of these targets at night.

Al-Shabaab has been attempting to derail the political process aimed at creating a permanent framework for governance in Somalia—most recently through firing mortars at the building hosting discussions of the NCA on the constitution and deploying suicide bombers, who failed in their attempt to detonate their explosives from inside the room holding constitutional delegates.

In the last few weeks, al-Shabaab has been responsible for the murder of several high-profile Mogadishu residents–including comedian and radio personality Marshaale and Member of Parliament Mohamud Abdi (Garweyne).

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