[VIDEO] Car Bomb Explodes in Bosaso Market in Puntland

A car bomb allegedly targeting a convoy of Puntland Maritime Police Forces (PMPF) exploded in a market in Bosaso, often dubbed Puntland’s economic hub.

Puntland officials blame al-Shabaab for the attack as many observers await the group to claim responsibility officially.

The Puntland government stated that three soldiers and four civilians had been killed in the blast along with 37 others who are injured; these numbers may rise as updated reports emerge.

In video of the aftermath, sporadic gunfire can be heard as injured civilians flee the scene while others stay to help or film the incident.

The attack comes as the Puntland region prepares for January 2014 presidential elections in which incumbent Abdirahman Farole has cited his successful fight against al-Shabaab, among other accomplishments, as a key reason why the to-be-named 66 member parliament should re-elect him.

Bosaso blast

Forces “Trained by SARACEN” Targeted

Pro-al-Shabaab sites like SomaliMemo issued reports highlighting that the PMPF who were targeted in Thursday’s bombing were trained by private military firm SARACEN International (now Sterling Corporate Services – SCS), a company that the UN accused of flouting the arms embargo in Somalia and other violations.

The PMPF has showed signs of success through its arrest of illegal fishermen, but there are allegations that these forces have been used for political purposes in at least one incident involving Puntland presidential candidate and former PM Abdiweli Gaas.

According to reports from October 2012, SCS–which was allegedly funded by the UAE–no longer trains the PMPF.

[Update] However, Reuters claimed that 2 foreigners who allegedly worked for SARACEN were present with the convoy that was targeted Thursday but were unharmed in the blast. If confirmed to be true, this raises questions about their current role in training the PMPF.

Past Attacks

Last month, al-Shabaab’s Puntland contingent based in the nearby Galgala mountains attacked Bosaso’s central jail where some of the group’s alleged members are being held.

Puntland security forces say they successfully repelled the militants after a firefight lasting hours.

However, the deputy prison chief was reported to be killed in the attack.

In October 2008, al-Shabaab targeted Bosaso and Hargeisa in a coordinated string of attacks in Puntland and Somaliland, killing at least 30 and injuring an estimated 80 people.

Below is more footage of today’s blast.

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