[IN PICTURES] Supporters of Ex-PM Farmajo Rally in Mogadishu as Clashes Occur

Supporters of Somalia’s former Prime Minister Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed (Farmajo)  held a welcome rally today in Mogadishu at the Sayidka monument grounds to support his bid for presidency. Farmajo was formerly PM from 31 October 2010 – 19 June 2011.

Reports indicate that at scuffle broke out between supporters of President Sharif and ex-PM Farmajo at the rally after Pres. Sharif’s loyalists drove through the protests in two cars and opened fire on Farmajo supporters, killing at least two people, including a TFG soldier who tried to subdue the attackers.

However, other news articles report that Farmajo supporters died as a result of shots fired by TFG soliders who were attempting to disperse the crowd.

Despite the incident, Farmajo’s loyalists soon resumed the rally with pro-Farmajo chants.

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