Formation of Somalia’s New Parliament Delayed By Disqualified Candidates

The process to select Somalia’s new 275-member parliament from a list candidates submitted by 135 traditional elders has been delayed because the list contains at least 50 former warlords and candidates with insufficient educational qualifications.

UN Special Representative to Somalia Augustine Mahiga previously stated that warlords are among the 4 categories of spoilers who are impeding the Roadmap process.

Mahiga’s office is said to have personally crossed off former warlords from the most recent list of proposed Parliamentarians, which must be verified by the Roadmap’s Technical Committee.

The excluded warlords from the submitted list include, but not limited to, the following:

Mohamed Qanyare Afrah

Omar Muhamoud Finnish

Mohamed Dhere

Mohamed Ibrahim Habsade

Adan Saransoor

Education Requirements

The Technical Committee also asked the traditional elders to replace proposed Parliamentarians without the sufficient educational credentials of a high school degree.

The educational requirement has become one of the centers of controversy in the parliamentary selection process, as some analysts have expressed concern that candidates are forging or buying fake diplomas in order to fulfill the qualification.

Most recently, Parliament Speaker Sheikh Sharif Hassan Aden–who does not have a high school diploma–was caught on video admitting that he would buy a fake degree to meet the educational requirement.

In order to complete the formation of the new Parliament–which is responsible for selecting the next President–traditional elders will have to submit new names to the Technical Committee.

The mandate of the current Transitional Federal Government expires on August 20, 2012.

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