Commission Organized to Elect Somali Parliament Speaker

The Somali parliament is sworn in at Mogadishu’s Adan Adde International Airport on 20 August 2012

On 21 August 2012,  Somalia’s new parliament met in Mogadishu’s police headquarters at the School Polizio to organize the commission that will oversee the selection of the upcoming Speaker of Parliament.

The meeting was chaired by interim Parliament Speaker General Musa Hassan Abdalla–the 72-year old ex-Siad Barre military official who will hold the position until his successor is chosen.

General Musa was given the role as interim Parliament Speaker in a tradition only as recent as the Dijibouti process in 2000–in which a similar controversy over the formation of the new parliament resulted in assigning the eldest member of the body to preside over the process to select a Parliament Speaker.

The 184 MPs in attendance during the closed-door session organized a 15-member committee to handle the Parliament Speaker selection, including the following:

1. Caasho Xaaji Cilmi (Chairwoman)

2. Xasan Macalin Xuseen (Deputy Chairman)

3- Nuur Iidoow Beyle

4- Maxamed Maxamuud Guure

5- Sahro Jaamac Cali

6- Ciise Maxamuud

7- Maxamed Ismaaciil

8- Khadiijo Maxamed Diiriye

9- Caadil Sheegoow Sagaar

10- Maxamed Warsame

11- Fowsiyo Maxamed Sheekh

12- Cismaan Libaax

13- Sahro C/qaadir

14- Ciise Maxamed Cali

15- Feysal Cumar Guuleed

General Musa stated that the parliament would receive applications for the Speaker of Parliament position until August 25 and a final vote would take place on 26 August 2012.

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